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Alkemia Tenebris 3.0

Alkemia Tenebris 3.0

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The Alkemia Tenebris 3.0 emerges as the most powerful padel racket in the new Alkemia collection, becoming the ideal choice for those players who want to maximize their offensive game and make the most of their shots.

The differential elements of this shovel are:

  • Maximum power:The tear mold that the Alkemia Tenebris 3.0 incorporates and its medium-hard touch make it one of the most powerful rackets on the market.
  • Great control: The rubber and the carbon fiber planes of this racket will provide us with great control, making sure that the ball does not go to the back wall.
  • Wide sweet spot: Unlike most power rackets on the market, the Alkemia Tenebris 3.0 has a wide sweet spot thanks to the optimization of its tear mold, which means that it does not penalize us in off-center hits..

The Alkemia Tenebris 3.0 is made with faces with double layer 100% 3K carbon fiber of high hardness, which combined with our rubber Black EVA of high recovery, They give this racket a medium-hard touch, and make it the most powerful Alkemia racket created to date.

As a novelty in the 3.0 collection, the frame of our rackets incorporates the prestigious Kevlar material, which combined with fiberglass gives our rackets greater lightness, better resistance to shocks and a touch of the ball never reached until now.

Thanks to the new rough 3D Rough decal, the new Alkemia Tenebris 3.0 will allow us to print the most devilish effects on our shots.


  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Rubber: High recovery Black EVA
  • Sides: Double layer 100% high hardness 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Touch: Medium-Hard
  • Weight: 360-380 grams


      BALL OUT 8
      CONTROL 10
      POWER 10


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Sergio Redolat gomez
      Calidad- precio inmejorable

      Llevo varios partidos con ella y no me arrepiento de la compra y cada vez me gusta más, pala dura con un punto dulce amplio muy amplio, que en ataque va fenomenal y se defiende muy bien en defensa, todo un descubrimiento y un quedo con ganas de probar la vento. La tenebris tiene muy buena salida de bola y su fuerte es en boleas, víboras etc. en resumen muy buen producto que le doy 5 estrellas.

      Muy contento con la pala

      Despues de haber jugado cuatro partidas con la Tenebris, quiero decir que estoy muy contento. Venia de utilizar una pala blanda y compre la tenebris con algo de miedo por si no me adaptaba, pero debo decir que estoy encantado. En defensa responde perfecta y en ataque va de escandalo. Sin duda la recomiendo para todos aquellos jugadores que quieren mas chicha en la red sin renunciar a defender con comodidad.

      Potencia y control en una pala

      Excelente pala!! Tras preguntar en el servicio preventa, me aconsejaron la TENEBRIS 3.0.
      No puedo encontrarle ningún "pero" a esta pala...
      Punto dulce enooooorme: puedes darle con qualquier punto de la superficie de la pala, que siempre encontarás el tacto.
      Control: no es su punto mas fuerte pero tiene mucha precision en chiquitas, golpes profundos a la esquina, y bandejas.
      Fondo de pista: si eres de los que marca bien el recorrido, es perfecta para ti. La pala deja que acompañes mucho el golpeo, por lo que puedes darle la potencia y la dirección ideales en cada golpe a fondo de pista.
      Potencia: MADRE MIA!!! La velocidad en la que sale la bola en el remate y la volea es un abuso. Con mi antigua pala apuraba para sacarla x3 o traermela, con la TENEBRIS 3.0 se me abrió un mundo nuevo. El remate x3 sale en el 80% de las ocasiones, y en el remate centrado te la traes 4 de cada 4. El chancletazo y la víbora son un espectaculo con esta pala tanto en potencia como en efecto y control.
      Globos: hay que acompañar un pelín mas la bola con el globo alto, pero el globo rapido sale divino, gracias al efecto que coge la bola y al buen control.

      En resumen: ES LA PALA TOTAL!!!
      Buen precio, rapida entrega y excelentes materiales!!!

      En resumen, es la pala total

      Gonzalo Mejia
      Tenibris 3.0

      Para mi gusto la pala es extraordinaria, pensé que iba a ser demasiado dura pero era justo lo que estaba buscando. Recién llevo un partido pero me gusto mucho, saludos.

      Niels Zwaneveld
      Perfect pala, but ...

      Recently bought the Tenebris 3.0 just to find out what all the hype was about. I'm from the Netherlands but I discovered some really good reviews on the brand, and the Tenebris 3.0 specifically. I played some matches with it and it absolutely blew me away. Top quality, fantastic power, good comfort and even a fantastic sound: Just as you would expect for a pala around EUR 300+. My pala is 366 gram and I felt it behaves really similar to the Head Alpha Pro (which for me was a top quality racket that suited my playstyle), but with better manoeuvrability, power and of course a way better price. The feeling, quality and power you get for around EUR 200 is just fascinating. Next to the fact that I think it's cool to use palas that are not too common around other players, I was really blown away by the quality that Alkemia is offering.

      However, nothing is perfect. My safety cord (strap) broke before my first match. I had to tie a knot myself, but it's not ideal. A suggestion from my side would be to implement something like the SmartStrap technology from NOX. Also, I love the classic design but I would suggest Alkemia to be a little more daring in their designs. Some reflective material in the logo/print would be so awesome! However, I still like the current design so maybe I should stop complaining.

      Although I think there is a flaw (the quality of safety strap), I still think the Tenebris 3.0 is worthy of a 5 star rating.I am very, very happy with the pala. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new pala, and is brave enough to step away from the commercial brands who are charging way too much for their rackets, just to pay for endorsement deals and such. Of course I like a lot of the designs from the 'big' brands, but the quality that Alkemia delivers is second to none. I'm going to buy/try the Ignis or Vento model when they are back in stock, just as a reference. I think it's good to have multiple rackets in your bag and I will, for sure, be using Alkemia palas from now on.

      P.s.: Even the customer service is ridiculously good. Please convince yourself and try one of Alkemia's rackets. You won't be dissapointed.