[EBOOK] How to choose the best racket


This ebook was born with the aim of serving as a reference manual for all those paddle tennis players who want to know how a paddle tennis racket is made, what materials are used in its manufacture, and how each of these affects materials in the behavior on the track.

Throughout the process of creating Alkemia Padel, we have been in contact with dozens of factories, which has allowed us to:

  • Know different ways to make a padel racket.
  • Discover the various materials that factories use in the production of paddle tennis rackets.
  • Understand which points of the production process are most critical for the performance of a paddle tennis racket on the court.
  • Analyze how the combinations of materials affect the behavior of a paddle tennis racket on the court.

We know that concepts such as the density of a rubber, the number of layers of fibers used on the faces of the blades, or the number of threads per square meter of carbon are unknown to most paddle players ; so, throughout this guide, we are going to break down all the manufacturing factors that affect the performance of a paddle tennis racket on the pitch.

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