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Alkemia Blaze 2023

Alkemia Blaze 2023

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ALKEMIA Blaze 2023 - DANI13's RACKET


The Alkemia Blaze 2023 emerges as the shovel dreamed of by the influencer Dani13, in charge of testing and analyzing the main paddle shovels on the market. After many months of development, research and testing, we have managed to find your ideal racket.

The new Alkemia Blaze 2023 is positioned as the padel racket with the firmest touch of the brand, making it ideal for those players who love hard touch who seek maximum power in auctions.

The differential elements of this racket are:

  • Maximum power: the combination of the teardrop mold with the hard touch of the racket make it one of the rackets with the greatest power on the market.
  • Great control: the volume of carbon used in this racket, combined with the high-recovery Black EVA, results in excellent control on the ball. racket, preventing the ball from being thrown against the back wall, and making it much easier for small players to play and opening angles.
  • Wide sweet spot: Unlike most power rackets on the market, the Alkemia Blaze 2023 has a wide sweet spot thanks to optimization of its tear mold, which means that it does not penalize us on off-center hits.

The Alkemia Blaze 2023 is made with faces with triple layer 100% 3K carbon fiber, which, combined with our high-recovery Black EVA rubber, give this racket a medium-hard touch, and make it the most powerful Alkemia racket created to date.

This racket incorporates the brand's new tear mold, a continuation mold with our already optimized tear mold, and introducing a slight modification in the heart of the racket.< /span>

The frame of the Blaze 2023 incorporates the prestigious Kevlar material, which combined with fiberglass gives our rackets greater lightness, better resistance to shocks and a ball touch never achieved until now.

New for this season, the 2023 Blaze incorporates Vibrawall technology, characterized by the use of carbon reinforcements throughout the structure of the racket, which help eliminate the transmission of vibrations and achieve greater consistency in hitting.

Thanks to rough 3D Rough in decal, the new Alkemia Blaze 2023 will allow us to print the most devilish effects on our blows.


  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Rubber: High recovery Black EVA
  • Faces: Triple layer 100% Carbon Fiber 3K
  • Touch: Medium-Hard +
  • Weight: 350-380 grams


        MANAGEABILITY 9.25
        SWEET SPOT 9
        BALL OUTPUT 7.5
        CONTROL 10
        POWER 10

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Manuel González Iglesias
        Lo esperado

        Muy cómoda y manejable con la potencia justa
        Tacto medio y amplio punto dulce

        Antonio Jesús SANCHEZ LOPEZ

        Con esta pala me he adaptado muy rápido a ella. Después de jugar 6 partidos daré mis impresiones. La pala tiene un gran punto dulce que me facilita el golpeo desde el fondo de la pista. Para mi tiene un tacto medio-duro que consigue una buena salida de bola. Tiene un gran control y en las voleas me siento muy cómodo con ella, pudiendo dirigir un golpeo profundo con facilidad. Yo rematando no soy muy bueno, pero potencia no le falta y he podido traerme la bola unas cuantas veces. Resumiendo, pala muy polivalente, con un gran punto dulce, yo juego en la derecha y de momento muy contento con esta pala. Por cierto, me compré una camiseta ALKEMIA y me parecen una pasada, tejido muy suave y cómodo.